Sunday, January 16, 2011

What?! Last "free" day in Chicago???

I absolutely can NOT believe that today was our last "free" day in Chicago. Wow has it ever gone by fast. And I'm sure it's gone by even faster since I'm not looking forward to going home. Today was our last free day, tomorrow is our big long doctor's appt, & then bright & early Tues AM we're outta here. WOW!! Skip the saying "Time fly's when you're having fun"...replace it with "Time fly's when you're in Chicago for surgery!"

Today we got up, took our time getting ready, & then we were all going to go to the mall. But then Dustin offered to keep Brooklyn...which was just amazing cause I had a feeling that having both girls would have been a disaster. I'd done it before, but for some reason today I could just tell that "Cali" & "meltdown" were in the same sentence.

So Amie & I packed in the car with Cali, Zoie, & Zac & headed to the mall that's the closest to our hotel - the one we'd gone to a few times before. We got there & ate, & then went to the toys so the girls could run. Well poor Cali...I think she was just so overwhelmed at all the kids. Mind you, it's Sunday, so everyone & their child was there in the play area. "Busy" was an understatement. She just didn't know what to do with so many kids. So instead of playing on the toys INSIDE the play area she decided to stick close to mom & play on the 1 toy just as you enter the area. Here she is:

Instead of playing where all the screaming, pushy kids were she decided that she, again, wanted to go on all the automated toys (yes...the ones that suck every quarter from the depths of your purse). So we did that for a bit:

When we were done there we just walked around, until the girls saw the train & just HAD to ride it again. But that's ok cause the guy rememberd us from last week so he let me ride for free. Here's Zoie & Cali (and yes, Cali IS smiling for a picture, see for yourself!!!)

We had major meltdowns before & after the train so we figured it was definitely time to go get dinner & go back to the hotel. We thought we'd eat in the dining area of the hotel as one "last supper", because the Moller's go home tomorrow. :( 

All-in-all, even with the was a good day. Yes, I'm still sick, but like yesterday, my symptoms are definitely lessened because of all the stuff I'm taking. I'm going to miss this. Miss the wandering aimlessly at the mall not buying a THING & having a friend to walk with. Miss eating a new place every night & trying all the Chicago food. And especially miss our great new friends...friends who totally know what we're going through. But the light at the end of the tunnel: we'll all be back at the end of March. Us - on the 24th & them on the 31st - so we may not overlap, but we're certainly going to try if we can!! And then we'll all be back in August, so that'll be super nice. :)

On another note - more prayers are needed for Josh. They are still here but are going home tomorrow. We did get to see them last night for a short while but couldn't see them today because Josh has developed another fever --- again. Prayers for the ENT that they're going to tomorrow to figure out what's going on with him. He just needs to get better so they can get on with this whole process!

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