Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The miracle workings of Dr. Bauer!

We are 1 month (and 3 days) post-op from the removal of 80% of Brooklyn's nevus. Dr. Bauer did an absolutely amazing job. We've got nothing but compliments on how great she looks & how great her scars are! Here are a few pictures that I took yesterday...

This is of her forehead. Dr. Bauer put in much smaller stitches b/c of the delicate area they're in. We're still waiting for them to dissolve. (They dissolve from the inside first & then will fall off.)

This is of the 20% remaining nevus. The 2 scars on either side of the nevus won't be there once this part is removed in October. She'll just have 1 scar, I believe, more towards the back of the nevus (where the scar is on the left side of the nevus, as you look at the picture).

This is of the flap above her right ear. It looks much better now than it did even a week or 2 ago. All the crusties have fallen off & it's healing quite nicely! 

This last one is of the top of her head. There is also a scar that goes in the middle of her head more towards the back, but I didn't get it in the picture b/c it's hard to see with all of her hair that she now has! :) 

Here's one more of each of the girls that I thought were cute. The first one is Brooklyn talking to daddy (who is sitting right next to her) & she's blabbering to him cause I had just made her mad! It was pretty hilarious! The next one is of Cali (after I'd folded the laundry) helping me putting it away!!

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