Saturday, January 22, 2011

Setback #1 - Expander Fills Postponned

I'm calling this post Setback #1 because that's just where we're at. UGH!!! I've mentioned numerous times about the importance of Brooklyn staying healthy & the reasons why. She needs to stay well so that we can do the fills.

Brooklyn sick = NO expansion!

NO expansion = Severe delays in getting to the 250-300mL's that we need in each expander

Severe delays = postponning the next surgery.

This is NOT what we need to do. It is so important to keep her healthy so we can continue down the right path for this whole process. With that said, it IS ironic, I admit, that Dustin, Cali, & I are still getting over our colds. But what can you do? Unfortunately, as of yesterday, Brooklyn is now sick too. :(

I wrote her surgeon & asked "How 'sick' is too sick to do fills?" He said that even with the green goopy nose, we can't do it. Even though she's totally fine - feels fine, acts fine, no fever, no other symptoms, no nothing, JUST the icky nose...we STILL can't do the fills for at least a few days to a week, he said.

Happy girl - even with an icky nose.
This picture shows her expanders & ports really well. You can see the forehead expander in her left forehead. The right back scalp is where the other one is. The port for the forehead expander is just right at her right temple. The port for the scalp expander is just above that in the picture (which is actually under her nevus). You can see the bumps for each of those. Those are where I put the needle to fill up the expanders.

SO! This emphasizes the importance of her staying well. Even a small icky nose is keeping us from doing a fill. This explains why she needs to stay well. Please, if you haven't already, re-read the post "A SPECIAL REQUEST" that I wrote a few days ago.

I really appreciate everyone's cooperation with this. And believe me, I'm counting down the days to when I can stop being so germ-o-phobic & get back to a "normal" life....until August anyways!

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