Thursday, December 6, 2012

#5 is Underway...

As I sit here waiting for Brooke to come out of her 5th surgery, I am thinking back at how we even got here! It's been an amazing amazing journey...and with an amazing child. I couldn't feel any more blessed to be the mother of this beautiful little girl.

We were supposed to get here at noon, but got a call to come in between 10:30-10:45am because Dr. Bauer was running ahead. They weren't sure that we'd get in to surgery any faster, but wanted us here earlier, just in case. Unfortunately though, she was taken just 5 minutes before the original surgery time!! So we had a lot of waiting we had to do. Surgery was supposed to be at 1:30pm so she wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight...only clear liquids. Then nothing after 10:30am. However with this new phone call she couldn't have even clear liquids until after surgery. Needless to say, she was NOT a happy camper when she woke up & I wouldn't give her milk. It was so tough taking it away from her & watching her throw a little fit. I felt so horrible...but it was necessary.

We ended up getting here just before 11:00am & all we did was wait, & wait, & wait. Thankfully my mom & I kept her busy enough that she didn't ask for any food, just her bottle....which I promised her she could have as soon as she had the bubble. They gave her the versed just a little before 1pm, then took us to the OR waiting area about 1pm. The finally came & took her for surgery at 1:25pm...just 5 minutes before the original surgery time! While sitting there, she demanded that I take pictures of her!!! Didn't bother me at all...I was more than happy to oblige!

They took her away & I cried just as much as I did for the first surgery. I was surprised that I was that upset...but it HAS been over 13 months since her last surgery.

So now we wait. Thankfully I've passed the time by blogging! Unfortunately though, I'm on the iPad & don't have any pictures, so I'll have to post them when I get to the computer. Any second....any second now & I'll see Dr. Bauer walk through that door.......