Sunday, January 2, 2011

Travel to Chicago Day #3

Travel Day #3... We got up this AM & Dustin had gone downstairs for breakfast, but he said it wasn't good at all (AND they didn't have any flavored coffee creamer) so we left & went right to McDonalds!! This put us starting about 15 mins later than yesterday AM, but that's ok...we got our breakfast! :)

The roads, again, were bone dry...for the most part. I bet a good 95% of the time they were perfect. What an answer to prayer! We got to go the speed limit the whole day. Dustin drove as we passed into Minnesota...another state that the girls & I got to add to our list! We stopped in some town that I totally can't remember the name of & got lunch, & then he continued to drive...all the way into Wisconsin...LOL Which was yet ANOTHER state we got to add to our list. Except that this time Dustin got to add it to his list too! Haha, it was a fun few seconds for the Vance Family! ;)

When we got to Madison, WI I took over driving because Dustin's NOT a city driver. We then drove straight through to Linconshire, IL (oh and yes, the girls & I got to add this state to our list too!) Traffic was great, roads were great, girls were was a great day. They were a little antsy, but who wouldn't be if you were stuck in a car for 3 days?! I swear though...those portable DVD players were a life saver! I hooked the 2nd one up to the back of Brooklyn's seat so she could see it as well and believe it or not there was a LOT less crying & fussiness going on!!! She just "watched" the same thing that Cali was watching & it worked out great.

They were pretty happy when we got to the hotel cause they could get out & run/crawl around. Dustin got all the stuff from the car while I unpacked everything. When I go to hotels I NEVER unpack my stuff...I just live out of the suitcase, but this time (cause we'll be here for 16 nights) I unpacked every single bag....and trust me, we had a lot of bags. Food that we brought from home is in the cupboards, clothes are in the dressers, & bathroom stuff is on the counter. And I feel great about it! :o)

After we got here, checked in, & unpacked a little bit we decided it would be best for ME to go out & find food since it's city driving & since I have a good sense of direction. LOL What a little adventure I had! I had NO idea what kind of area this was when I booked the hotel...I just booked this cause it's close to the hospital & the surgeon's office (& I got a great rate). Well wow all I can say is that I'm excited to get up & go exploring tomorrow! I literally could not find a SINGLE fast food place! The area we're in (from what I could tell in the dark) is a bunch of office buildings & very expensive houses. I really wanna go drive around tomorrow to see these houses & to find out where exactly we are!!! :o)  So literally after 20 minutes of driving around honestly the ONLY thing I found was a that's where I got dinner! LOL

So what does tomorrow bring.... First off, exploring this hotel; then exploring the area we're in; finding a grocery store & doing some grocery shopping; and possibly going into the city just to drive around & see the sights. We have all day tomorrow & Tuesday to do whatever we want...& then we have pre-op appts, surgery, & recovery. So we need to do all we can do in just 2 days. Tomorrow night we're getting together with our nevus friends too. I'm SO excited about that cause I haven't seen them since the Nevus Outreach conference in the beginning of July. It worked out great that all our kids are having their surgeries with in a week of each other.

Well off to's midnight & I'm tired!! Plus, my school starts tomorrow so I need to get up & begin my very last semester of school...EVER!

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