Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Fun Pictures

Just some fun, random pictures!!

Brooklyn decided she wanted to paint her nails. Thank goodness I laid a towel down first!

Cali wanted to play hide & go seek...

Then Brooklyn wanted to play...

We woke up one morning to find the girls like this... Evidently Cali said that Brooklyn got scared in the middle of the night so she climbed into bed with Cali. And Cali gave her her blanket. That's sisterly love right there!

Uncle Curt went to his very last Prom!! Cali & Brooke loved Katelyn's flowers!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chokecherry Festival

Every year here in little ole Lewistown, Montana there is a cute little street fair on our main street through town...appropriately called Main Street. Imagine that. The most "famous" berry here in Lewistown is the chokecherry. So the annual festival is the Chokecherry Festival. There are tons & tons of vendors lining both sides of the street for about 6 blocks. There are always all sorts of fun things to look at. Everything from purses, jewelry, and individual businesses to any type of homemade goodies & Hutterite vegetables.

This year I decided to have a booth at the Chokecherry Festival as a fundraiser for Brooklyn & our next 2 surgery trips. I had Volumes 1 & 2 of our cookbook, Killer Salsa, drinks (lemonade, iced tea, water), & homemade treats (caramel popcorn, white chocolate popcorn, chex party mix, trail mix, pretzels, Trix treats). We only sold about 6 cookbooks, but were absolutely amazed at how awesome everything else sold, especially the salsa.

A little side note about the salsa..... The lady that makes it used to live here in Lewistown. Dustin met her on his mail route & she instantly fell in love with our family & wanted to help us out for our surgeries. Unfortunately, she had to leave town quite suddenly & she felt so bad about not being able to help us that she actually gave us all her salsa to sell for Brooklyn! It was a super nice gesture & we are forever greatful. The salsa was a hit today & we almost sold out!! To check them out visit

Here's a little picture of my booth

I had a poster board with "Brooklyn's Story" on it that was a hit. Even if people didn't buy anything, they still stopped & looked at the pictures. I bet a good 500+ people looked at that board today. Here it is:

It was a very long day but surprisingly enough it went by SUPER quick! We were there by 8am & weren't allowed to take down until 5pm. But I got to meet a bunch of new people and see TONS of people I know. It was such a great day visiting & sharing about Brooklyn. Along with a couple very generous donations, after today we now have enough for our December surgery! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! It seems like just yesterday that I was so discouraged about how on earth we'd pay for these last 2 surgeries, but the Lord has made this first surgery happen and we are so greatful. We can't thank everyone enough for supporting us in this time in our lives. And a special thank you to my mom, my brother, & his girlfriend for being there today to help...especially to my sister-in-law, Marji, for literally being there with me the ENTIRE DAY!! She was such a huge help & I couldn't have done it without her!

Thank you all again for your support!!!