Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day #2 in Chicago!!

First off, if you have read the post from yesterday but didn't see the picture...scroll down to see it. I posted it last night but just posted the picture a couple hours ago. :)

So another day in Chicago has come & gone!! WOW I slept late! Brooklyn was up twice in the night so her & I got to sleep until 10:15am!!!!! I had no idea it was that late though cause it's pretty dark in our room when the blinds are closed. We ate a very small breakfast, & then Cali got all ready to go swimming. Dustin & Bruce (remember...the nevus family staying next door to us) took Cali & their daughter Zoie swimming. Apparently they had a ball...but Zoie caught a lot of water in her mouth so she ended up throwing up...and Cali decided she could swim all of a sudden so she just took off in the water. LOL Thank the Lord that Dustin was right there cause he was able to grab her. But even tonight when you ask her about swimming she gets a very concerned, straight face & says "I water in ma eye mom". Hahaha so cute.

While the dads took the older sisters swimming, the mom's took the little babies shopping! :o)  We needed to go to either Target or WalMart and then the grocery store...and then, of course, bring lunch back for the big boys. We found a WalMart within a couple miles & ended up getting all of our grocery items there too, which was nice. I had a cart-full of food...LOL I'd definitely gotten more than I thought I had. But I guarantee you...it'll all be gone in 2 weeks. On our way back to the hotel we found a Philly Cheese Steak Express so we grabbed lunch & came back.

We hung out for a while & then Dustin took Bruce to get their rental car. Hahaha yes you can stop laughing now. Dustin DID drive in this place all by himself! I programmed Bessy (our GPS lady) so all he had to do was hit the big orange GO button & it'd bring him back. Well a stop to get gas made Bessy mad, but thankfully Dustin was close enough that he found his way back!!

I'd seen a PF Changs the other day that I couldn't get my mind off of, so that's what we had for dinner. I had totally forgotten to get nightlights at WalMart when we were there earlier today...and they didn't have swim diapers for Cali, so I programmed Target into Bessy & what do you know...they were literally less than 1/4 mile from each other. All we had to do was go down not even another block & we'd have seen a SUPER TARGET!!! Oh well...at least we know it's there now! :) So I grabbed a nightlight & swim diapers and then got our dinner.

We ate our dinner & then I took the laundry down & put it in the wash, walked on the treadmill for 35 mins, put the laundry in the dryer, & here I am!

So let's see...tomorrow...... We're PLANNING on getting up & out of here quite early...like by 9am. (Fingers crossed...wish us luck...prayers!! LOL) My mom is getting in at 11:30am so we want to go to the city & drive around sightseeing before she gets in. Then once she's here we have to drive right to the doctor's office for Brooklyn's pre-op appt, which is at 1pm. After that, who knows....I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Merilee,
    Brooklyn is absolutely adorable! We are heading up to Chicago next week for my daughter's 2nd surgery (expander and facial nevus removal). I was also really excited about eating at that PF Changs while we were there in November.

    Take care,
    Deborah Merritt