Saturday, January 1, 2011

Travel to Chicago Day #2

First off...Happy New Year!! It 100% does NOT feel like New Year's Day to me, for obvious reasons. The girls fell asleep by 10pm last night & Dustin & I literally forced ourselves to stay awake to watch the ball drop. Seriously...3 minutes after the ball dropped we were asleep!! (LOL Makes me think I'm getting old!!)

Today was a long day... We got up & were out of the hotel (in Gillette, WY) & on the road by 9:10am. We started heading East & the roads weren't too great, but Dustin did a great job driving. I'm sure he pretty much wanted to kill me though cause I kept telling him to slow down...but he did give me the benefit of the doubt & go slower for me. I just like to play it safe!! ;)  We then passed into South Dakota. Dustin had been here before, but this was a new state that Cali, Brooklyn, & I could add to our list. :)  We got to Rapid City & decided that cause I've never seen The Heads (a.k.a. Mt Rushmore) before that we'd stop by there on our way. We didn't know it was so out of the way though! (Well ok, not TOO out of the way, but it did add an hour to our trip today.)

I'd always been told that it was a pretty disappointing place to go... That you are SO far away & all you can do is look up & see them from a very far distance. Well I tell you what...I was SOOOO pleasantly surprised!!! I was a lot closer than I thought we got to be. I got some great pictures too. So all-in-all, I was VERY happy that I finally got to see Mt. Rushmore. Unfortunately though, it was SO darn cold...& VERY windy so we basically got out of the car, went to the bathroom to change diapers, took pics, & went right back to the car. But It's definitely a place I'd love to go back to someday (in the nicer weather). The little town there is so adorable, but everything was closed (& we were kind of in a hurry) so we couldn't see anything. There's also a bear sight-seeing place, an Old MacDonald place, & tons of shops to see. So it's definitely on my list of places I'd love to go back to!

We then grabbed Wendy's & got right back on the road...which I can say...was totally bone dry!!! :o)  We were SO happy & relieved that we could go 75mph again. The only stop we made between Rapid City & Sioux Falls was at some tiny gas station about 1/2 way through the state. Pretty much 90% of our drive was great...perfectly dry roads...not much traffic. But once we got close to Sioux Falls the roads started to get bad again.

We decided to stop here in Sioux Falls because it's bigger than any of the super small towns that we'll come across when we cross the border into Minnesota. So we found a hotel, made reservations on the way, checked in, ate dinner, grabbed some much needed Icy/Hot at WalMart, & are now sitting in the room watching Tangled on the TV!

Beth, a friend of mine who is a fellow nevus-owner mom, lives in this area & she makes it to Chicago in 9 hrs. So, weather permitting, we should be in Chicago tomorrow!!! :o)  That'll give us a whole extra day there, which will be very nice. But...if the weather isn't on our side, that's ok, cause we weren't planning on getting there until Monday anyways. I'm just really glad that we decided to leave a day early because if we had left today, there's no way we would have made it by dinner-time on Monday.

The girls did fantastic again today....until dinner time! LOL They were perfect angels all day! Cali watched DVD's all day & then took a super long nap. Brooklyn played in her seat a lot, but slept mostly. But then we got to dinner & I think that cause it was so crowded, & that neither of them had any idea what we're doing & why we're in a car so much, & that we're not home...the attitudes turned south. But they still weren't horrible. It was nice to get back to the room though so they both could run/crawl around & unwind.

Will keep everyone updated again tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the messages supporting us. It really does mean so much to us to know that everyone is thinking about us & praying for us. We'll be in touch!!!

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