Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life in a Post

Wow has time flown by. I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I guess that just goes to show how busy we are!! Here's our life in the past couple of months...

Unseasonably "warm" weather in March...so the girls had to take advantage of driving their car in our driveway!!

Brooke excited with herself that she's using the potty. This is first thing in the AM & she needed a blanket...she was cold. LOL

The girls' school pictures. They look so darn grown up!!!
Cali is 3 1/2 here & Brooke was a week from turning 2.

Brooke swinging...something she could do for hours!

Thinking she's hot stuff with ice cream all over her face!

Dustin & I got a night out to go to a hospital fundraiser

Brooke with Cali's Mickey ears on!

The girls with their presents from Aunt Teresa & Aunt Valerie

Cali with her new haircut....oh & make-up on too! (She likes being the total opposite of me & actually putting make-up on before leaving the house!)

During our huge snow storm. We ended up getting lots of inches...(like maybe 12??). It was really wet snow so the 4 of us went outside for the sole purpose of making snow angels. However...Cali didn't want to get wet so she wouldn't lay down. So she ate snow instead!!

And here's Brooke eating the snow too!

Daddy & the girls in front of their masterpiece....the snowman!!

They were very proud of their snowman!

Curt had his Senior prom!!! Here he is with his girlfriend, Kaitlyn. They're so darn cute!

Cali playing dress-up...in her Snow White halloween costume! (Thank goodness it's being put to good use!!)

Brooke wearing her bunny ears...wishing there was more candy!

Yes, folks...she's asleep. She fell asleep like this.

At Uncle Curt's baseball game...with Oma's visor around her waist!!

"Look ma!!! A pinecone!!!"

Cali with Opa's glasses on. :o)

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