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Saturday, May 5th, 2012, which was 5 years to the day that I graduated from college with my Associate's, was the day I graduated with my Bachelor's! Click here for a short explanation of my BSN.

Originally (5 years ago), I was just going to continue on in my quest for the BSN. But once I got that first degree I was pooped. I was definitely schooled-out! So I took a much-needed break. I finally decided, in 2009, to go ahead & go back. I started in the Fall of 2009 & was expecting to take just the 4 consecutive semesters & be done. That would have been Fall 09 then Spring, Summer, & Fall of 2010 & be done! But with the birth of Brooklyn in the middle of my 2nd semester & with all the nevus "stuff" I took the Fall of 2010 & Spring 2011 off & then finished off in the Summer of 2011. Technically I should have actually graduated in the Spring 2011 graduation. But honestly I wasn't even close to being in that mindset! We were busy with 2 surgeries that semester & just life in general so school wasn't even on my radar. Hahaha little did I know that that would have an impact if I ever did decide to do graduation.....

Fast forward to now... I wasn't going to participate in graduation. No real good reason why; I just wasn't going to do it. I did it once in high school, once in college, & just felt that was enough. But then I got an announcement for our graduation in the mail & had more thoughts of actually participating. I eventually decided to go ahead & participate...mainly for my girls. I knew that Cali would remember it. I wanted to show her that it is important to be recognized for your accomplishments & to be rewarded for finishing things that you start. So after I'd already told the school that I wasn't going to participate I had to take it back! I called them & told them I was going to walk in graduation & then I sent an email them them a couple weeks later. A few weeks after that I called & sent another email to verify that they did have me down as walking. They assured me they did & that I was good to go. I ordered my cap & gown (why...I have no idea... All I needed was a new tassle cause I had my cap/gown from 5 years ago) & they had it ready for me the morning of graduation. So we were good to go.

We decided to leave Brooke behind cause she's so squirmy & there is NO way she would have stayed seated. So she stayed with Dustin's mom while we went to graduation. Dustin, Cali, & I packed in the car & drove on Friday night to Havre (3 1/2 hrs away) where MSU-Northern is. We stayed the night & woke up early Saturday AM cause I had to pick up my cap/gown/tassle from the Bookstore. Then we parted ways so Cali & Dustin could get a seat & I could line up.

I went to pick up my card with my name on it but they didn't have one for me. Haha...figures! They didn't have my name written down anywhere...not on the nursing sheet, not in the list of names, not even on the entire master graduation list! Great. They had no problem adding me, but it was slightly annoying since I'd verified with them sooo many times that I was going to be there. They told me where to go line up &, with the help of the lady in charge of graduation, I found my spot. After standing there for a while she came back up to me apologizing for not having my name written down. She felt horrible. We eventually figured out it was because I technically should have graduated last year (with just that one summer class to go). Ugh!! Then I got a text from Dustin that my name wasn't in the program either. :(  I'm a scrapbooker & I love keeping stuff like that so I was really bummed that it wasn't in the program. But I wrote the graduation people asking if I was listed in 2011's program.

So we walked in, had graduation, & left!! LOL Simple as that! Cali did amazingly well. She sat right next to Dustin & played the iPad to pass the time. Here are a few pictures from the day!
Cali didn't like me with the hat on. She wouldn't let me pick her up or take a picture with her. So Dustin & I had to quietly count...& on "3" I got close to her so Dustin could snap a quick picture!

With my fake diploma.

The 3 of us...and of course Cali isn't looking. Shy child!!

So that's what?! ;o)

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