Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This year was a typical Mother's Day...and I'm finally getting used to the fact that Mother's Day is about me too! I have the hardest time realizing that I am a mother...I usually just think of MY mom on Mother's Day...but now I have 2 little people who think of ME and I think that's cool!!!

This year we got up, went to Church, went to Dustin's mom's house to give her her present, then to Curtis' baseball games, & back home for a yummy BBQ. It was a nice day!!

We (Dustin, Marji [his sister], & Mike [Marji's husband]) were so excited for his mom's present. As you know, their dad passed away in February. The day after he passed, the 4 of us went to the funeral home to buy his urn. When we were there we saw these necklaces that loved-ones get with the deceased person's fingerprint on it. It's really a neat idea & a wonderful keepsake. As soon as we saw it we thought of their mom, who would have loved to have it. We figured it'd be perfect for Mother's Day (would give us enough time to save up for it!) So on Mother's Day, once it finally came in, we were extatic!! She was pretty excited about it too....

It was a great day...filled with memories, loved ones, baseball, & awesome food!!!

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