Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Graduate

How can I put this so that you understand?? Maybe I can say that it was a very special day. Nope. Not good enough. Maybe I can say that it was a proud moment. Well...getting there. Possibly that it was bitter sweet. Yeah, that's closer. I don't know how to put into words our emotions on the day my little brother graduated from high school. Happy. Excited. Sad. Nervous. Anxious. And ONE PROUD SISTER.

It's not just like any other sibling graduating from high school. This is my LITTLE brother. I changed his diaper, for pete sakes! I'm 12 years older than him & graduated from the same high school 12 years ago. I feel more than a sister. Not quite parental...but close!

Curt & I are so close, we've never fought. Not once. Never. We've had 1 disagreement that I can remember but it was over something so stupid & we weren't even mad at each other. Other than that....nothing. Yeah there were the moments when he was little where I wouldn't let him in my room, but that wasn't cause we were fighting or I was mad at him. It was cause I was in Junior High & wanted to be alone.

Our grandma came to town from LA & it was SO wonderful seeing her...since it'd been several months. Our aunt, uncle, & 3 cousins also came to town from Spokane, which was super nice of them. Tt was fitting that I was a total baby the day he graduated. I got to thinking..."Gee, if I'm like this when he graduates, what on EARTH will I be like when my own children graduate?!" I mean, seriously!! We started the cry-fest at church, where he was recognized in front of the congregation. This is a tradition in our church before graduation, but just so happened that this year he was the only graduate, so all the focus was on him. Thank goodness I had an entire package of Kleenex in my purse...and thank goodness I got all my ugly cry out at church so the gym-full of people didn't have to witness the ball-fest.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

This is at church, before graduation...just a little brotherly teasing going on

At church - Grandma, Mike, & Curt

Curt - walking up getting his diploma

Receiving his diploma & getting his tassle moved to the other side

"FHS - Class of 2012 - You are now alumni!!"

Proud family

Curt & Gram

Yeah, so what if I'm on my tip-toes. He always teases me about my height... :(

At the after-graduation party held for about 15 graduates. This is Curt & his amazingly sweet, beautiful girlfriend, Kaitlyn. 

Brookie on the dancefloor trying to catch the lights with the other kids.

It was a great day & one that we'll never forget. We are so proud of Curtis & will miss him terribly when he goes to college in just a couple short months. But for now, we have a summer filled with baseball!! I love you bruddah!!!

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  1. What an awesome happening. I can see why you are so proud