Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Cali!

Our little girl is 4!!
I can't believe I'm saying that! How time has flown by...that's for sure! We had a little party for her on her actual birthday (Wednesday the 27th) & then had her big party tonight. Here are some pictures from her party on Wednesday...
Opening up her crown & wand

Pretty happy with them!!

And here are some pictures from her party tonight...
She wanted her hair curled & make-up on...all dolled up! Plus she had her new t-shirt that says "I'M 4...and whatever it is, I DIDN'T DO IT!!!"......oh so true!!
Cali wanted a Strawberry Shortcake theme so we went to & picked out a whole bunch of SS decorations. She loved it all!! The cake, however, was one thing that I loved the most. I went to the store to pick it up & was just so proud of it! I had both the girls with me so I purposefully put it in the back end of our Equinox so it wouldn't get ruined...& so Cali wouldn't see it. When we got home, Dustin went to get Brooke out of the car, but she threw a fit & wanted me to get her. So he opened the back & grabbed the rest of the groceries while I got Cali out of the car first. While Dustin was taking the groceries inside & while I was taking Cali around so she didn't see the cake, Brooke took it upon herself to climb out the back of the car & just get out herself. Well where else was she going to step but right on the cake box! I came back to the car to get Brooke & the cake, when I saw Brooke walking upstairs...& I just had this horrible feeling. I ran to the cake & the whole box was smashed in...& this is what I saw....
I guess it's not horrible, but it's definitely noticeable where she stepped on it (bottom right corner & bottom right of the decal). Oh well though, Cali didn't care & everyone said it still tasted good.

All set up & ready for people to come
The grill master

Opening presents
One of her favorite presents...a waitress outfit. It even comes with a little menu & writing pad. She LOVES going around taking everyone's orders!
Her new bike!

She had an absolutely great week!! Before you know it, she'll be 5! AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life...Caught Up!

Wow time has gone by fast these past few months! There hasn't been a dull moment & we've been busy little bees around here!!! Here's what's been going on in the past couple of months.....

I taught Cali the greatest thing to lick the batter off the spoon  ;o)

And here she is patiently waiting for the finished product...

On May 12th I had a BBQ for my nursing class. It was a huge THANK YOU to them all for donating our left-over class money to Brooklyn for her surgeries. And it was like a 5-year-reunion...& was much needed!! Some of us hadn't seen others since we graduated. We had 15 graduate & 8 people showed up for the was awesome seeing those that came!!! This picture just shows 7 of us cause one had to leave a little early & none of us even thought to get a picture... :(  In this picture are (from L to R): Tim Ferguson, Marji Vance, Jim Ferguson, Gale Ferguson, Jenn Olson, Me, & Stacie Klemo. Shawna Cantrell is the other who was there but not in the picture. Gonna do it again in 5 more years!! :o)

Took Cali to Curtis' baseball game on Mother's Day...she had a ball!!

Little Brookie in the dress that my grandma made for Cali a few years ago. It fits awesome!

We've been playing outside a lot!! Here's the girls on our slide...having a blast.

Our nephew Taylor had a 5th birthday party the end of May. Here he is with his Angry Birds cake & cupcakes...which he's infatuated with!!!

The girls in their matching Dora pajamas

If anyone knows any contests I can enter this picture in, let me know!!! This is Cali...asleep on the potty, ON the chair, with the iPad in her lap! Priceless!!!

I went to a conference for my nursing license in Helena last week. I got to stay with our high school friend, Misti, & her family. Her & her husband have a 2 month old who I got to love on for a little while. :o)

Brookie flashing a smile...

 Today we thought we'd plant our garden. It's finally "safe" to do it since it probably won't freeze at night anymore (knock on wood). So the girls & I packed in the car & went to the "Flower Store".

Here are the girls with their gloves & tools...ready to work. Too bad it only lasted about 4 minutes...

And here is the finished product!!!! I'm super excited about this cause this is the first garden I've had at this house...& the first garden I've had in about 7 years. So this is a big deal for me!!! :o)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 12th

June 12th has special meaning in our used to be special just for 1 reason, but in 2010 it became special for 2 reasons. :)
I have explained our whole "2-anniversary" story a few times. Our "fake" anniversary is June 12th. We like to celebrate by going out to dinner & exchanging a small present or something. It's the anniversary of the best day of my life. Seriously...June 12, 2004 was THE best day. It was so much fun & I will never forget it as long as I live. I mean, we had all our family & friends around us (well, those that could come) & we all just had the best time ever.
In 2010 it became special for another reason, too. It was the day Dustin's younger sister, Marji, got married to Mike. This year Dustin & I had a little surprise for them. We have a deep-freeze in our garage, so we took their cake top & froze it for them to eat on their 1-year anniversary. Well life got in the way & all 4 of us totally forgot about it on their anniversary! Duh!! So on their 2 year anniversary we took Mike's birthday present to their house (his birthday is the day before...on the 11th), along with the cake; & while they were downstairs opening the present up, I ran upstairs, got the cake from the car, & put it in the middle of their table for them to see when they came back up. So here they are, on their 2-year-anniversary, with a 2-year-old cake top...which, I might add, they did eat!

And just for good measure, because I don't think I've ever posted pictures from our wedding.... (These are pictures of pictures so they're not the best quality.)

June 12, 2004 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Let Me Take You To Rio...

Ahhhh Rio! Definitely on my bucket list to go to Rio someday... Perhaps the 2016 Summer Olympics? I guess it's a good goal to have....

Anyways...Cali had her dance recital, which was called Let Me Take You To Rio & was a re-creation of the movie "Rio". Cali was a little Red Robin...& of course, even though I'm partial, she was super adorable.

Here are a couple pictures...and, of course, the video!!

In the car with her make-up bag :o)
Here's the video...
(She's the 5th LITTLE red robin to go on stage.)

After the recital...with Brooklyn & cousin Nevaeh

Happy with her flowers & make-up bag  ;o)

Posing with her favorite flower that she picked out of the bouquet

Cali with a proud mommy

And one last one for good measure...what a little turkey!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have a good friend, Stacie, that I graduated nursing school with who lives about 15 minutes out of town...& has lots of animals. My girls LOVE going out to her house & seeing the we try to go out several times a year to let them walk around & pet whatever they can pet.
Stacie's daughter, Calli, had 2 pigs this year for FFA. We were getting close to the fair, so they were getting plump! Here's Cali & our nephew, Kobe, laughing at the piggies being funny in the water.

Stacie got chickens a little while back so we got the eggs...and as you can see...the girls were being VERY careful with them!!

Here's Daddy & Stacie helping the girls pet the horse. He was a little skiddish that day, but they did get to pet him...

...and they got to sit on him too! Cali wasn't too sure, so she got right off, but Brooke LOVED it. She even gave us a little wave!

Even though Cali didn't like the horse too well, she was very at home on the 4-wheeler!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just HAD to share...

I know she'll hate me one day for this...but I seriously just can't resist.
I was at home with Cali...just the 2 of us. Uncle Curtis had taken Brooklyn out for a little fun-time so Cali & I were just playing around. I was paying bills at the kitchen table on the laptop & all of a sudden Cali was quiet. Well you parents know that quiet=BAD!! So I walked in the living room to find this...........

There's my little Cali...asleep. On the potty. On the rocking chair. With the "my Pad" on her lap.