Sunday, May 20, 2012

Auntie Weekend

Dustin has 5 aunts... His dad was the youngest & was the only boy out of 6 kids. So he had 5 protective older sisters, whom he nicknamed the Smotherers! His 5 aunts are all just flat amazing & we love spending time with them. So Dustin's younger sister, Marji, & Dustin & I went up to the Flathead Lake area in northwestern Montana. As a definite non-Montana lover, I do have to admit that it is gorgeous up there.
We drove up on Friday & back on Sunday, so it was a quick trip, but it was so nice seeing the aunties. We didn't get to see all 5, but we did get to do something very special...
They had a bunch of trees that they wanted planted on their church grounds in memory of Dustin's dad. So on Sunday, after church, we planted trees! This picture is of some family planting...

And the finished product...looks amazing

Other than the tree-planting, we had fun dinners, went to the hot springs, played games, & attended a nice church service. It was an awesome weekend!!

We're excited to go back & see the trees & how they're memory of Maury. But we're especially excited to go back soon to spend more quality time with the aunties!!

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