Sunday, April 8, 2012



Today was a fun-filled day in the Vance house! We woke up to find great Easter baskets that the Easter bunny left for the girls. They were excited, to say the least! Here are some pictures from the day...

Brooke is less than impressed by how long it's taking to dye eggs at Grammy's house!!

Cali is very happy with her eggs!!

Brooke...also excited with her eggs!

And here they are Easter AM. Here's Cali with both baskets...

Here's Brooke with her basket

Here's a cute video of them this AM. :o)

It took me slightly longer than FOREVER to get a decent picture of the 2 of them. Either Brooke was sticking her tongue out or Cali was moving...LOL So this is the best I got!!

Cali finding eggs!

Brooke finding her eggs!

We went to brunch at church, then had our church service, then came home & cooked for everyone at our house. We had a house-full, but it was lots of fun! After we ate was the Easter egg hunt & now we're all gonna crash! It's been a great day & we certainly haven't forgotten the reason why we celebrate today!