Monday, January 24, 2011

Surgery #2 = 2 months from today..... & a big weight lifted

Surgery #2 is 2 weeks from today...provided we are able to get on (& stay on) track with these fills. We still haven't been able to do the fill here at home because Brooklyn is still just slightly sick. She feels fine...just slightly cranky compared to normal. The only "extra" thing is that she's been grabbing at the back of her much, infact that it's been causing a rash there. You can tell it really itches her & I have no idea why or how. I just feel so bad for her.

We woke up yesterday AM to this:

UGH! The picture is so "hazy" looking cause it was majorly blizzarding...HUGE FAT snowflakes. Yuck!

Since being home we've been pretty lazy, until today that is. We had friends of ours over Sat & Sun evenings. They have a daughter Cali's age so Cali just had a BALL playing with her. Here they are watching Mickey:

Also this weekend Daddy & Cali had a special "bonding" time:

Yes folks...he's painting her nails! :o)

Other than that, I started unpacking a little. I have found myself keeping the house just as clean & meticulous as our hotel room in Chicago, which is actually good cause we need this place as clean as possible for Brooklyn.

I had to make a sad phone call today. I had to call Cali's day care today & tell them that she can't go back until the end of March. I was so sad to do that...that I put it off until late afternoon. Cali only went 2 days a week, but oh my gosh did she ever LOVE it!!! She loved playing with her friends, loved her teachers, learned so much, & just flat out loved going. She hasn't really said anything about it, & I'm certainly not telling her...unless she asks. Today though we did happen to drive by her day care & she saw all the toys & yelled "Mom! Toys!!!!" UGH! This is a part that I didn't think would happen. But she'll be able to go back once Dustin, Brooklyn, & I leave for Chicago in March. (She's staying home with my parents.)

Also today, I gave myself a little break. As many of you knew I'm going back to school for my Bachelor's in Nursing. The nursing program that I went to here in Lewistown is a 2-year Associate's program. You can go back for your Bachelor's if you want, & it's all online, which is super nice. It's a 4 semester program that I started Fall 2009. I was told the whole time by the BSN advisor that I'd be done after just the 4 semesters (Fall 2009, Spring, Summer, & Fall 2010). Well imagine my surprise when I was told that I needed FOUR more classes! UGH...needless to say, I was pretty upset that I was pretty much lied to this whole time. Long story short, after the Lewistown representative (who is fantastic!!) & the Dean of Nursing got together they figured out I just needed ONE more class, in the Cultural Diversity category. So I found a class that (of course) has absolutely NOTHING to do with nursing called Native Cultures of North America --- yeah, how fun & exciting right --- so I signed up for it for this semester. Well....of course I don't have to explain how much I do NOT have the time for a 15 week class. It's just one more thing on my plate that I just don't want there! Plus, with it not having anything to do with nursing, I just don't care!!! I wrote the professor & he said that he's teaching this class again with the same books for the 2nd summer session (a V-E-R-Y intense 3 1/2 week course that is literally one semester jammed into just 3 1/2 weeks) which starts July 11th. It'll get over the week that we're going to Chicago for Brooklyn's 3rd surgery. So it may be a bit busy with me packing for the trip, but I would much rather have a super busy 3 1/2 weeks instead of it dragging out & being busy & difficult for 15 weeks!!! Once I got off the phone today it was THE biggest weight lifted off my chest. Ahhhhh, one thing helping me breathe a bit better today...

Other than that nothing is going on here. Just waiting for Brooke to get better so we can resume the filling. Will write more when we have more exciting things going on!!

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