Monday, January 17, 2011

Our last Chicago post (well, for now anways)...and Brooke's 1st fill!

Wow, I can't believe how fast time has gone! Today we woke up so we could all go to the doctor's office for Brooklyn's very first fill. Unfortunately though, Dustin was sick! And Cali has had a fever off & on, but now she has a runny nose as well. So they stayed back while I took Brooklyn in to be expanded. It was unfortunate though cause neither of them got to say goodbye to the Melton's or the Moller's, both of which were also at the office.

The Melton's were there to have Josh checked out & to take him to the ENT. I haven't heard yet how that went, but will update when I hear.

The Moller's were there for Zac's first expansion too. They said it went great & they were alot better at it than they thought! We all said quick goodbye's so they could go to the airport & we could start fill #1.

We got the numbing cream on her ports & then had to wait an hour. So Brooklyn & I just hung out in the room & had a nice chat. ;o)

"I'm ready for my close-up, I mean my fill, Mr. Devill."  :o)
Mim, one of Dr. Bauer's nurses, came in & showed me how to do the fill. Then Susan, his other nurse, came in & pretended to be Dustin while Mim did the first fill & I did the second one. We got 8mL's in the forehead expander & 10mL's in the scalp one. We just took it easy today. I'll do this every week until I'm told otherwise. We can already see the expanders getting bigger, which is so weird to watch it grow infront of our eyes.

When we got back Brooklyn was sound asleep so I figured that was an opportune time to pack. Dustin tried the best he could to keep the girls away from me so I could pack. But it was still a challenge! It took me a good few hours. Dustin loaded the luggage bin on our car roof with stuff that we don't need (& that doesn't matter if it freezes) & then loaded the back of the car. So in the AM all we need to do is pack up the back seat & head out.

The people at this hotel have been very accommodating. They have let us keep our same rate for the next trip, so I went ahead & booked that for our March trip. I like this place. Plus, we signed up for their rewards points & she said that after this & the next trip we may be able to pay for the next 1-2 trips. So that's nice!

Well all we need to do tonight is pack up the computer, make dinner, & go to bed. It'll be an early night for us all since we're not feeling well --- well, except for Brooklyn, who is STILL not sick, which I can't believe! I'd rather be sick consistently than have her get sick even once. If she gets sick we have to postponne the fills. But if Dustin or I am sick then we just have to wear a mask. long from Chicago! My next post will be from another state...on our way home. (Which I still can't believe!!!) Right now though, I'm waiting to get out of here cause it's pretty lonely without our next door neighbors!

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