Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our last night in a hotel (for 10 weeks...)

Well today we got up, got ready, & left. It definitely wasn't as early as I'd liked, which put me in an "off" mood. I don't want to say I was in a bad mood, cause I wasn't, I just wasn't my normal chipper self. Haha! We got gas, then went through McDonalds for coffee. Unfortunately though as I was starting to pour it into my super-great coffee mug that Dustin got me for Christmas, I noticed my leg getting hotter & hotter. The fantastic workers at McDonalds didn't put the lid on tight & I had 1/4 of my SUPER PIPING HOT coffee all over my lap! SOOOOO GREAT! So that put my "off" mood into a flat out bad mood! And of course, I only packed 1 pair of pants in our "travel bag" so I'm stuck with a huge coffee stain on my pants. (My regular suitcase is way packed in the car & not reachable.)

Cali had an "off" day today as well. She was just bossy (gee wonder where she gets that from???) and was indecisive. She would want one DVD, so I'd get that one & put it in, but then decided that wasn't what she REALLY wanted so I'd have to change DVD's. This went on for about 1/2 hr until I couldn't stand it anymore. But then she'd get mad that she didn't have anything to watch! Today was just No Win with her!

Brooklyn, on the other hand, was so great all day. She just had a couple crying spells, but that was just cause she was tired. Other than that, she was perfect. She slept a lot, which allowed me to do something I haven't done in a book! :o)  It was so great that I even finished it. How wonderful that felt!!!

We stopped in Wall, SD for lunch - & again Cali was turning into a terror. She just wanted to run around Dairy Queen instead of sit & eat her food. But who can blame her?! We got back in the car & thankfully (for ALL of us) she was out within 1/2 hr.

We were going to stop in Gillette, WY tonight, but realized that we needed to "push it" & get as far as we could get. Cali started out with a rash right around the day that we left for Chicago (around 12/31/10). It's only gotten worse, & has now spread, so we decided that she needs to see the doctor. We'd gotten ahold of the doctor I work for a few days after we noticed it & she recommended Cortaid, which we've tried. But nothing is helping. Unfortunately our doctor doesn't work on Friday's, and we don't think this should wait until Monday, so we are now pushing it as hard as we can to get home tomorrow (Thursday). I called & got her in at 4pm so hopefully the roads will be good enough that we can make it. We just need to get up & get moving so that we can leave enough time to get there!

So we made it to Sheridan, WY. I started driving at Wall, SD & had super great roads until after we crossed into WY. Then they started having a little amount of snow, then more, then more. Then it was snowing so hard I had to slow down to just 40mph. Semi's were even passing me, which caused me to literally almost STOP because they blew so much snow on us that I couldn't see 2 feet in front of my face. It was horrible. What should have just taken us a short time, ended up adding about 50% more time to our trip. But thank the Lord we made it to Sheridan. We just have about 2 hrs to Billings & then about 2 hrs home (depending on the roads).

When we got to Sheridan we found a Holiday Inn. We are members of their Priority Club (Holiday Inn is affiliated with the hotel we were at for 2 1/2 weeks in Chicago - the Staybridge Suites) so we've been earning major points with them lately. I checked in, parked, & we got to our room. When I opened the curtains, imagine my surprise when I saw our car literally DIRECTLY out the window. Plus we're on the first floor. Dustin went out to get the suff so I, just on a whim, tried the window (totally not thinking that it'd open not more than a couple inches), & it opened all the way! So here's Dustin literally passing our stuff in through the window to our room!
Hahaha! I got such a kick out of this that I was too busy taking pictures rather than helping!!!! It was so great...totally the highlight of my day. :o)

So now...bed. Then we should be in Billings 2 hours after we leave here in the AM. Dustin's dad is supposed to be in Billings tomorrow so we're planning on seeing him & also Dustin's sister, Dawn, cause she's ALL that Cali has been talking about for 2 days now! Then we'll head home hopefully in time to get to Cali's appt at 4pm! Whew!!!!!

So next post....FROM HOME!

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