Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sick in Chicago

Yes...that says Sick IN Chicago...not Sick OF Chicago. I started feeling like I was getting sick yesterday afternoon, but kept denying I usually do. Unfortunately my body didn't like what my brain was saying, & I did end up getting sick. I've literally stuffed my body with pretty much all the medicine that I can, so my symptoms are definitely lessened, but it's still there, trying to make its way through. I'm stubborn though & am fighting it like crazy. Thank the Lord for husbands with medicine, OTC cold medicine, & me being a nurse! :o)

Brooklyn & Cali taking a bath. Don't worry America...Cali takes baths with a swim diaper on now...she's freaked out about pooping in the tub...
 So we really didn't do anything today. We got up & were going to go to a mall & walk around, but didn't end up doing that. Instead, we ate lunch at a mexican restaurant that the Melton's recommended to us (we went with the Mollers) & then came right back to the hotel. Cali & I took a nap & then when we got up the Melton's were here, next door with the Mollers checking out their room. They are scooping out places to stay the next times they're in town.

Don't bother me...I'm sleeping.
 We all hung out in the lobby area of the hotel. They actually have a little lounge area that we went to. Then the 3 guys went to a sports bar to watch tonights play-off game. Christine left with Josh around 8:30pm & that's actually right around the time that we noticed what time it was! We had no idea!!! So needless to say...we didn't get dinner. :(  But that's ok, we have plenty of popcorn to go around! :o)

Happy Brooklyn
 I was going to do one last load of laundry tonight when Dustin got home, but that's about an hour and a half task...& frankly, I just want to go to bed! So that'll wait till tomorrow. I can't believe that I'm actually talking about going home now. Believe it or not we just have 2 full days here. Tomorrow is our last "free" day, then Monday is our long appt where we learn how to do the fills, & then packing....and then Tuesday we leave. Wow it's gone fast.

Prayers are needed that no one gets sick...especially Brooklyn. If she's sick anytime during these next 11 weeks then we can't do any all. They can ONLY be done when she's well. So if she gets sick & we can't do the fills on Monday I don't know what will happen. Either we'll have to stay until she's better, or else hopefully they'll just show me how to do it & trust that I do it correctly since I'm a nurse. I guess we'll have to just wait till Monday & see. But just as I was typing that last sentence both my girls great! So prayers are needed to keep these little ladies healthy!!!

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