Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

Well, I guess we'd take rain over snow, but it's gotta stop sometime! It's been raining almost non-stop since we got here. It's snowing like crazy at home, so I guess we do have the better end of the stick.

So what have we been doing since our last post...well yesterday we did a whole lotta nothin! We got up late again & then called the doctor's office. They said that they didn't really feel the need to see her like we thought they would...& just to have us keep them updated on how she's doing. So we decided to go do fun stuff...We're here, so why not?! :o)

We went to the mall close by here so we could get out & walk a bit. Too bad we didn't drive to Chicago cause all we could do was browse... :(  We ate lunch in the food court, walked around some more, & then decided to come back to the room. We got back to the room & I proofed recipes for a while, & then we needed to get dinner. So we went to the restaurant that we'd eaten at twice before (when we were here in January) & then got myself some frozen yogurt...mmmmmm.

And that's it for Monday! Pretty lazy day. Here's some pictures from Monday night:

Wearing daddy's Dodger hat!

Happy Girl!
 I realized today (Tuesday) that we came a day or 2 too early. I'd thought that Dr. Bauer's office would need to see Brooke Monday, but since they didn't, we didn't really need to be here. Totally my fault. Oh well though...we're here, Brooklyn is getting better every day, & that's that. I, on the other hand, am still pretty sick. I really feel totally fine, I'm just SO congested. I'm taking Mucinex and honestly as soon as about 11 hours is up I can feel it getting bad again. I'm keeping up on it though & taking it as often as I can. Still though, I've gone through a total of about 3-4 boxes of Puffs in less than a week!

We got up late again today. (Figured we are catching up on our sleep that we've missed out on in the past few weeks...) We decided to go downtown Chicago to see what we could see. Our main reason for going was because we were going to meet up with a friend of ours from high school. However, on our way down he wrote & said that he was stuck (he was there on business) & that he probably wouldn't get away until dinner time. So we decided to go to Navy Pier. But on the way there we decided that we didn't want to do that anymore cause we did that in January & we knew we'd be going back in August when we're here. So then we thought we'd go to the Illinois Holocaust Museum. We needed diapers sometime today or tomorrow, so when we drove by a Target, we stopped so Dustin could run in real quick. Brooklyn was asleep so I stayed in the car with her. While Dustin was inside I checked the hours of the Holocaust Museum & they closed at 5pm.....it was now 3pm. :(  UGH! (Mind you...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holocaust subject so I knew I'd take forever in there. When we were at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. in 2007 I hadn't even finished with the very first section of the entire museum when the whole bus-load of people were ready to go....yeah...it took me HOURS to not even finish the FIRST SECTION!) So needless to say...2 hours was NOT nearly enough time. So then we decided to just drive around. We'd thought about the Field Museum, but my brother's will like doing that when we're here next, so we didn't do that. But we both love driving around downtown so that's just what we did.

I had watched the Food Network & The Travel Channel before coming this time & had found a few places that I really wanted to eat at. One of those places was Al's Beef...it's "the" authentic Italian Beef sandwich. We hadn't eaten lunch yet so we thought we'd do that first, as we were driving around. We found it pretty easily, went in, & enjoyed our first Italian Beef from Al's! It was pretty spicy. It's good that I can only taste about 10% of my food cause my mouth was burning. But Dustin just loved it. LOL When we were ordering the guy could totally tell we hadn't been there before. "You newbies?"...he said. Hahaha...how can you tell?!

Then we drove around...Went to some places that we'd been to before...other places that were totally new. We found a Starbucks so we grabbed a coffee, & then kept driving around...taking in all that we could see!

At about 5:30pm we decided that we'd go to another place that I'd seen on TV...Pizzaria Uno. By now it was rush hour though so it took us a while to get there. Once we finally found the place it was 6:15pm & you couldn't park on the street until 6:30pm...so we thought we'd just drive around the block for 15 mins. Well as we were driving we turned the corner & found a garage that offered $9 parking! It was like a "late-bird" special! So we drove in there, parked, & walked to Pizzaria Uno. On our way out of the garage we noticed a sign saying how much it was to park in there. WOW it was expensive. Thank goodness we got the $9 parking (which was for up to 3 hours).

We got to the pizza place & they make you order your pizza before you even sit at your table b/c it takes 45mins to an hour to bake. Then it takes about 30-45 mins to get your table, so pretty much, by the time you sit down your food is almost ready, which is kind of nice! We only waited about 30 mins before we were seated, & then just about 10 mins later our friend, Chad, was able to meet up with us. It was nice seeing someone from home when we're so far away! (He lives in SD now, but neither of us had seen him in years.) We had a nice conversation over a deep dish 1/2 pepperoni & 1/2 pepperoni, sausage, & mushroom pizza! We could only eat one piece cause it was SO filling...but oh so good. I could hardly taste it at all, since I'm getting over my cold, but what I could taste was great!

Our pizza to go. Mine on the left: pepperoni. Dustin's on the right: pepperoni, sausage, & mushrooms. (By the way...those are SINGLE slices!!!)
Brooke started getting fussy cause she was really tired, so we had to cut it short & be on our way. We said our good-bye's & then went in to pay our $9 for our parking. I put the ticket in the machine & it said $26. TWENTY SIX DOLLARS?! I was parked just a few minutes over 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to find out...we had to have it validated at a store in order for it to be $9, which they failed to tell us until we were driving out of the parking garage. Fantastic. So there goes $26 hard-earned dollars. UGH! Oh well...what can you do. I'd rather have our car & be able to drive home...

So we came back to the hotel & are now watching a movie & settling down. Tomorrow is our last free day until surgery so we're thinking we're going to go back to the city & do something that requires lots of walking. (Gotta get all our walking out now, since we'll be pretty much sitting with a sore baby for the next few days...)

It's nice to be indoors...OUT of the rain! And now, back to proofing recipes...

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