Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Year Doctor's Visit

We just returned from Brooklyn's 1 year Well Child Check at the doctor's office. She is 27" long (in the 10th percentile) and is just 17lb 9oz (which is the 5th percentile). Yeah... We have a "petite girl", as our doctor said! She's not worried in the least bit about her size, "she's just petite like her mom", she said. :)  She was impressed that she's walking already & has been for about a month now. She loved how she gets into everything. She actually said that she's more advance & developmentally ahead of the game than I am letting her on to believe (if that even makes sense). She said she's doing more than I'd even tell her about, cause she'd just watch her move & get into my purse & try to get off the table by going on to her stomach & putting her feet off first! LOL  She was busy!

Our doctor was also very impressed at how well she's handling the expanders. Besides not sleeping well, she's 110% amazing! She said that she's got to have incredible neck muscles by now. And she also agreed with me that her biggest shock will probably be on surgery day when she goes from having 500-600cc's of fluid on her head to having nothing there! She thinks her balance may be way off, but she'll adapt pretty quickly.

What else...Of course we didn't get her 1 year shots today. We can't have any immunizations while the expanders are in place, for risk of infection, allergy, etc. So we'll take her in about a month after we get back for those.

I think that's about it. She's doing awesome! :o)

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