Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post-Surgery Days

The past couple days have been surprisingly easy-going with Brooklyn. She's pretty much back to her normal pre-surgery self. She's running, playing, acting totally like normal, except that she's not supposed to! :o) She's supposed to be taking it easy for 3 weeks.........yeah right. "Taking it easy" & "Brooklyn" don't belong in the same sentence. We're doing our best though, but she's still keeping us on our toes, that's for sure.
We gave her a good head-washing on Friday night...after waiting the necessary 4-6 hours after getting the drain pulled before washing. She always needs 2 good washes before her hair is back to "normal" but at least it's not as wild & wacky. Also, for the very first time in both of our lives, I was able to comb her ENTIRE head of hair! LOL She looked like such a nerd when I was done cause I had the side-part going on. But I loved it. Here's some pictures from the past couple days:

Brookie being sneeky & playing with Cali's watercolors while Cali was swimming with daddy

Here's a couple pictures of her head after her head-washing!!!

Saturday we decided to do something free! I've always wanted to drive along the coast of Lake Michigan to see the amazing houses. Also, I've been dying to see this house:
Yes, it probably looks familiar....Recognize it? Well I've been wanting to drive by it & snap a quick picture, although I'm SURE they have at least one person drive by their house & take a picture of it every day! It's only 30 mins from our hotel & it was totally on the way to the coast-line so we had to drive by. (Ok ok I'll tell you what movie it's from...but you'll have to keep on guessing. Look at the very bottom of this post for the answer.) This house, by the way, is the ONLY house on the whole block that looks this amazing. The other houses are great-looking too, but the movie makes the whole block look this great. Not so. Definitely computer-generated. This house was for sale & I'm thinking it was sold recently because I didn't see a sign out front. It wasn't too much $$, considering what house it is, in my opinion. The area was amazing & I'd love just to be neighbors with these people cause I'd love a tour!!! Anyways, after I got my picture we drove south along the coast & saw the amazing houses....and AMAZING they were! WOW! I wish Dustin drove in big cities cause I'd have loved to be the passenger! These houses were great. Definitely a must-do free activity for anyone who loves to wish! We ended up all the way on to Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, where we just drove south to the end of Michigan Ave & then drove up the Magnificent of my absolute favorite parts of Chicago.

Here's Cali on our drive. She was giving herself milk mustaches!

Sunday was a Mommy & Cali day. We went to Target then to the mall. Cali was in desperate need of new pants so I got her a few pairs at Target, got myself my free Starbucks drink for filling out a survey, & then hit the mall. We walked around, got a pretzel & Icee for lunch, then let her spend her "monies" on the toys. I kept counting down the rides she could go on with the remainding money she had so it wasn't such a surprise when she ran out of money, but she still threw a fit when I told her she didn't have any left. She got to ride every toy there, but was still quite unhappy. So no train ride for her because of the royal fit. :(   Here she is BEFORE her fit-throwing saga...

So she threw her fit & that was it for us! We came back to the room, ate dinner, & she actually put herself to bed early. Brooklyn, on the other hand, has been walking back & forth with me while I do laundry. She makes new friends every time we walk to the laundry room. She stops, waves at them, & blows them a kiss.....If only adults did that too.......

Oh, & the movie in the picture.....Home Alone. :o)

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