Monday, October 31, 2011


I have no idea how it got in Cali's head, but she doesn't call a Vacation, a Vacation...she calls them Boatcations! She loves boats & I remember the first time she said the word "Boatcation" cracked me up. She said something along the lines of "Mommy I wanna go on a boat so let's go on a boatcation". LOL So this whole time she's been wanting to go on a boatcation. Today just so happened to be the last day that the boats at Navy Pier were running so we thought we'd finally take her on a boatcation.

It was a brisk 51 degrees when we got to Navy Pier today, around noon. We took the stroller FILLED with winter gear: sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats...we had everything. Thankfully though we didn't need any of it, well except the hats & sweatshirts. Surprisingly enough it wasn't cold or very windy at all on the boatcation. I was super happy about that because I hate being cold & I hate bundling up. So I was excited that we could just walk on the boat with our sweatshirts on & be totally fine the whole time.

Cali & Brookie loved it. Brooke, of course, wanted to get up & walk around but she wasn't allowed to so Dustin kept her occupied for the 30-minute ride. Here are some pictures from our boatcation:

Daddy & the girls ready to go!

View looking back on Navy Pier

Oh lucky me...she's a diva already!

Gorgeous Chicago Skyline

A zoomed-in picture of Shedd Aquarium (far left), Soldier Field (where the Bears play), & the Field Museum (middle). It's kind of difficult to see everything because the sun was in the wrong spot!

Daddy pointing things out to Brookie...keeping her occupied!!!

Heading back in after our tour

It was a short, 30-min tour but it was an absolute perfect BOATCATION!!!

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