Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm a Princess

I'm a Princess...yes, I am. You want to know why? Because my brother is a Prince. So that makes me a Princess! :o)

My brother, Curt, was crowned Homecoming Prince last week!! :o)  I was able to go to coronation on Wednesday the 5th to watch...& it was so exciting!

The guys holding hands waiting to hear who got Prince & King. (Curt is on the far left of the picture.)

And the Prince is Curtis Cauffman!!!

Curt crowning the Princess.

Curt & Sydney (Prince & Princess)

Curt & Sydney

At the Homecoming Parade on Friday the 7th.

Curt (2nd from left) with 3 guy friends & Curt's date, Kaylee.

Curt & Kaylee

The Homecoming Court (minus the Queen) being introduced at the Homecoming Volleyball game on Monday the 10th.

We're so excited & proud of Curt!! He had a great time at the Homecoming dance, played a great game at the Homecoming Football game on Friday night (actually he said it was the best defensive game he's ever played), & had a super great Homecoming weekend!!

I went with him yesterday when he got his senior pictures taken. brother got his senior pictures taken! It was really exciting. I remember getting my senior pictures taken...& Curt was in them with me. I started my first day of my senior year when Curt started his first day of Kindergarten. And now he is the one getting his pictures taken. They're going to turn out so great & I'm super excited to see them. I'll be sure to post some when we get them back. :o)

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