Friday, October 28, 2011

The BIG Reveal!

Today was the big nevus-free reveal at Dr. Bauer's office. We got some much-needed sleep this AM & didn't actually get up until after 9am. Thankfully the girls needed sleep as much as Dustin & I did. :)  We went in & saw Mim at 1pm. We were soooo excited to see her post-surgery. We purposefully didn't touch her dressing so that we could see it at the same time at the office. It was tempting to look, but we didn't.

Brookie in the waiting room... Uhhhh, she wasn't really happy. Jeesh all I wanted to do was leave her sticker on her dressing so I could get a picture of it!!

Mim took her dressing off & all we saw was CRAZY HAIR!!!!!

And here's her head with no nevus!

We informed Mim of the lack of drainage from her tube so she just pulled it. Didn't hurt our feelings any! So here we were...literally just about 27 hours after surgery & her entire dressing can be off because the drain was pulled!!!!! I'm sooooo excited & happy about that...I can't even express it! :o)

Little spider monkey wouldn't go to Mim, so here's the 3 of us. What's so funny was that Cali was standing right by Dustin with her little Disney toy camera taking pictures of us too! LOL

We said our sad good-bye's to Mim & Kristi (Dr. B's scheduler/insurance goddess) cause we won't see them for 4 months. Then we were off to the mall to waste time. We wanted to get dinner at the great Japanese place in the food court so we went in the mall & were overwhelmed with kids in their Halloween costumes. We wish we'd have known it, but every shop in the mall was handing out candy to kids in costumes. Oh well though...  We walked around for a short while & then Cali wanted to go on the train again (of course she did) we went up to the train. I can't even get into how crazy it was up by the train...only to say that we had to wait for 2 trains to pass by because so many kids wouldn't listen to their parents & stay in line so 2 trains' worth of kids cut in front of us in line. Needless to say, poor little Cali B was in tears, Brookie was being a spider monkey, Dustin was upset cause there wasn't really anything we could do about it, & I was just like "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" But we all just felt bad for Cali cause the poor girl just wanted to ride the train!!! Thank goodness an angel was watching over us. Some old lady saw our frustrations, but saw how bad we felt for Cali. She came up, made sure we were first in line, pushed everyone else behind us in line, then went & got Brooke a balloon & some fishy crackers!!! What a saint. She asked what happened to Brooke so I told her our story. She just kept calling Brooke a little miracle. :) Cali did end up throwing a fit when we finally got in the train. We got in the green car cause it was the only one that didn't have 40 thousand kids run in Dustin gave her a big hug & she wouldn't let him go! They started walking out to the car while Brooke & I rode the long-awaited train. Poor Cali B - I felt so bad for her.

Here's Brooke all happy in the train!

So once all the mall-madness was over we came back to the hotel, ate our dinner, & watched Game 7 of the World Series. :o)  What a day!

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