Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mom's Hospital Visit

UGH!! Thursday the 6th my mom started feeling really crappy. She thought she had a bladder infection, but had gone to the doctor later in the day & was told everything was fine. They did check her blood, however, & her white count was 18,000! (Which is VERY high...meaning there's an infection somewhere.) She had a fever, had tons of pain, & was generally not feeling well at all. They admitted her to the hospital that evening & did an x-ray, which showed nothing. Then they did a CT scan & that showed what was causing all her pain...diverticulitis. She had a routine colonoscopy when she turned 50, but she's a whopping 56 now so obviously things have developed quickly.

They admitted her Thursday night & didn't get out until Sunday afternoon. They pumped her full of antibiotics, some of which she's still on. She has to totally change her diet now. No seeds, nuts, or anything small & hard that can get stuck in those pockets. High fiber is a must, as well.

Her antibiotics are giving her the typical side effects that no one likes when they're on them. But she's on them for about 2 weeks, so that's just no fun at all.

Since she was in the hospital during Homecoming weekend she asked Curt to bring his date by before the dance. LOL I had to chuckle...going to the hospital for pictures before the dance. But it was super nice of them to see my mom. And they said that Curt's date, Kaylee, was really sweet about it. Here's the picture my mom got of the two of them:

Please keep my mom in your thoughts & prayers. She needs to start feeling better...& getting off these antibiotics is the first start. She also needs prayers on dealing with this new diet she's on. She voluntarily stopped eating candy about 3 weeks ago & now she has to stop eating nuts, seeds, & other foods like that. It's tough changing her diet so much. So thoughts & prayers are needed right now. :o)

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