Monday, October 24, 2011

4 not 5

I'm not sure where the miscommunication came from but I thought I'd clear up a little bit of confusion that's out there regarding Brooklyn's surgeries. We have had SOOOO many people come up to us so excited because "this is the last surgery huh?!?!". Unfortunately, no, it's not the last surgery. I'm so clueless where everyone has gotten this information from because I know for a fact that neither Dustin nor myself have ever said anything about this being the last surgery - so I wanted to just set the record straight. Before her surgeries ever started we were told by Dr. Bauer (the miracle-worker) that she'll need 5 surgeries. These 5 include 2 rounds of tissue expanders & a final touch-up surgery. One "round" includes 2 surgeries: putting in the expanders & then removing them. So 2 rounds equal 4 surgeries...then we have our final touch-up surgery. When Dr. Bauer removes the tissue expanders (in surgeries #2 & 4) he is also removing Nevus. In surgery #2 he miraculously was able to remove 80% of her Nevus!!! So this last 20% shouldn't be a problem for him at all. And yes...that means that after this surgery later this week my little Brooklyn will be Nevus-free for the very first time in her little life!! Seriously I tear up everytime I even think about it. Just thinking back on our amazing journey since March 7, 2010 I never thought we'd make it here to the day when she's finally Nevus-free. So for one last recap: Surgery #1: January 6, 2011 Dr. Bauer inserted 2 tissue expanders in Brookie's scalp & forehead. Over the course of 11 weeks I injected saline into the port which expanded her skin. Surgery #2: March 24, 2011 Dr. Bauer removed both tissue expanders & removed 80% of her Nevus. He then stretched the new skin over where the Nevus was. Now we get a 4-month break to let her heal. Surgery #3: August 8, 2011 Dr. Bauer inserted a tissue expander in her forehead/scalp & for the past 12 weeks I, again, have been injecting saline into it to grow new skin. Surgery #4: October 27, 2011 Dr. Bauer will remove the expander, then remove the remaining 20% of her Nevus...making her Nevus-free...then he'll stretch that expanded skin over where her Nevus was. Now we get another 4 months to let her heal. Surgery #5: March 1, 2012 Dr. Bauer will make her forehead smaller, make her face symmetrical (which includes bringing her left eyebrow up to match the right one), among other little things. And then we're done!!!!

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