Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maybe 4 now?! Dr. Bauer's "plan"!!

Thursday AM we went in for Brooke's 1 week post-op check & to get our release that it was ok to go home. They said Brooke looked amazing & that she was healing nicely. :o) Good news all around.

But probably the BEST news was that we MAY not need the 5th surgery! What?! What a total shocker to us! Dr. Bauer said that we can postponne our March 1st surgery until possibly the fall. Here's the plan:

Waiting 4 months for her to heal is not enough time. We need longer to see how she's going to heal up from her 4 surgeries this year. 9 months is a better time frame. It just so happens that 9 months from our surgery will be right around the same time as the next Nevus Outreach conference!! Last year at the conference I won a family registration (about a $600 value) so we were planning on going to the conference anyways next year. Dr. Bauer is a speaker at the conference & his wonderful staff is there also. So we'll meet with Dr. Bauer the first week of July 2012.

At the conference Dr. Bauer will decide if Brooklyn does or does not need that 5th & final surgery. He's thinking she will, but if she heals properly then she may not!! The 5th surgery will be making her forehead smaller, making her eyebrows even, & generally just making her face symmetrical. So if she heals up & doesn't need that stuff then we're done with surgeries! But if she doesn't heal as good as he wanted, then we'll need that last surgery, which he wants to do in the fall.

So...long story short. We MAY just be done with surgeries! But we'll find out in July if we do need that last one. If we do, it'll be in the Fall of 2012. :o) Simple as that!

Here's a picture of Dr. Bauer's amazing nurses...with Brooklyn & me. Gosh we already miss them!

Susan, Merilee, Brooklyn, & Mim

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