Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011 Christmas pictures's Christmas picture time again. Click HERE and HERE to refresh your mind on our 2010 Christmas picture experience.

We went to Sears in Great Falls again (NOT Billings) because the lady here in Lewistown isn't doing them anymore. :(  So we went to Great Falls yesterday for them. It was horrible. But not bad enough that I won't go back go Sears in Great Falls. I think it wasn't as bad as before, just cause I'd been through bad picture experiences. But this was close to it.

We got there & needed to get them Christmas dresses for the pictures. We found a cute one & Cali loved that was a plus. We got to the room where they were going to take pictures & the girl didn't even say hi to us. Just pointed us to the room. Ummmm, ok. She didn't tell Cali or Brooke where to sit, how to sit, what to do, or anything. She was horrible! So my mom & I had to try to pose them in positions & try to get them to move. Cali would smile but Brooke wouldn't. Then when Brooke smiled the girl wouldn't take the picture! It was very frustrating. She was flat horrible.

So we told her we wanted to take a break for a few minutes. Thankfully she had to leave!!! LOL Yeah, she told us she had to go right smack dab in the middle of our picture session. No crying on my part. Another lady, Victoria, came in & she was a little better than the first person, who didn't even introduce herself. But still, Brooklyn looked like a deer in the headlights. She would get up & move around, not stay seated at all, & then Cali kept putting her hands in her mouth!

We got 1 or 2 "good" ones that will hopefully work for us, but they're nothing like the really good ones we've had in the past. Oh's a good story we'll have for them someday! Here's a few of them:

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