Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nevus Outreach

I have a special request... The company, Chase, is giving away $3 million dollars, divided up between 100 charities. Nevus Outreach is one of the charities that could get a portion of the money. But they need your vote. Simply go here: Log in to Facebook, "like" the page, then vote for Nevus Outreach. Nevus Outreach could potentially win a lot of money, and boy do they deserve it. Nevus Outreach has been the single biggest factor in our lives with Brooklyn & her congenital Nevus. It's where I met all my lifelong nevus friends, where I found Dr. Bauer, and where I turn to for support. All they need to do is get in the top 100 to win a portion of millions of dollars!!! Will you PLEASE vote for them? Without them who knows how lost I would the search for Nevus-related info. Please help them out, for me, & for the many future Nevus families who will have nowhere else to turn. Thank you.

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