Sunday, November 6, 2011

And we're home...

Our drive home was pretty uneventful...thank goodness. The first night we actually made it to Grand Island, NE...which was a good 10 hour drive from Chicago. The girls were doing so well that we just kept driving. The 2nd night we stayed with my best friend, which was very nice catching up, even if it was for 12 hours! We finally made it home Saturday night around 7pm. Here are some pictures from our trip:
Brookie asleep in the car... This travelling thing is pretty boring!!

No, folks, I promise you we did NOT put that DVD there. Cali fell asleep like this!!!

Jennifer with Cali & Brooke

That night Cali turned into not such a nice little girl. She had had a long day & she was SO tired that absolutely nothing made her happy. She was simply P-O'd. She wanted to sleep in the bed with daddy & Brooke layed on the air mattress. Well then Cali decided she wanted to sleep there. While she was throwing her fit, she sat on the air mattress, against the bed & fell asleep!!! She cried herself to sleep, literally. It's blurry b/c the room was almost completely dark so my camera wouldn't focus, but you get the point! :o)

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