Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have a fever...

...the Royal Wedding fever that is!!

Hahaha no seriously...I'm beginning to think I'm obsessed with this upcoming wedding. However, I have read the article on Yahoo! called "How to tell if you're Royal Wedding obsessed" & I'm not quite as bad as that article says. So that's reassuring. But I am totally wrapped up in this spectacle.

I think it's cause this is pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime event for me. I was still in the womb when Diana & Prince Charles got married, so I obviously didn't see that wedding. So this is pretty much it for me... Well, unless I get to see Prince William & Kate's first born child get married (in what...30'ish years from now?) I'll be a vibrant 60'ish year old thinking back at this moment. Heck, maybe I'll even GO to that one! LOL

Yeah, ok I'd say I'm obsessed. If I was guaranteed guests, I'd have a big ole Royal Wedding party to watch it. (Of course though, it'll be taped & I'll watch it Friday night...I'm not so overly obsessed to get up at 2am to watch the festivities.) But I don't know anyone here close to me that is even remotely as excited about this wedding as I am. So no party here. I'll just make up some tea & crumpets (whatever a crumpet is) & enjoy watching as much of the wedding as I can...with 2 loud girls & a husband that thinks this is all ridiculous!!!

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