Thursday, April 7, 2011

Women of Faith

Women of Faith...oh how I love thee.....

Women of Faith is a conference, for women, that lasts 2 days & is just amazing. I mean, what else can you say about it. AMAZING is an understatement.

It's full of speakers, drama (as in a dramatist, not the bad "drama"), music, comedy, singing, girlfriends, laughing, crying, & wonderful stories. It's uplifting, fun, & a time you'll never forget.

My mom & I started going back sometime around 1996. It was held at a church & we went in Denver, CO. There was a group of 4 ladies who spoke for 2 days. (Marilyn Meberg, Pasty Clairmont, Luci Swindoll, & Barbara Johnson) It was just hilarious.

Then we found out they were touring!! Every. Single. Year!!!!!!! So we started going every year, alternating between Billings & Spokane. My mom started telling other people about it & eventually had about 50 ladies that came every year. Usually when it was in Billings (about 2 hours from us) we'd have a group of 100. And then we could sometimes get 50 when we went to Spokane. We were so excited when they decided to go to Billings every year so we can get a big group of people together to go.

It's just a nice, fun, girls weekend! We usually leave Thursday night, get to Billings, have dinner, stay the night, go to the conference Friday, have a break Friday afternoon (in which we usually shop!), eat dinner, have the rest of the conference Friday night, stay the night, go to the conference Saturday, get done around 5pm, eat dinner, & then head home! Whew!!!!!! It's fast-paced, but SUCH a great time.

Even though my girls are constantly in the back of my mind, it's SO nice only having myself to worry about...even if it is just for 2 days!!! :o)

And why, you may ask, am I posting this about Women of Faith? Because it's this weekend!!!!!!!!! When I get off work I'm going home, packing real quick, & then my mom is coming to get me so we can head to Billings. I'm super excited. But we just got home from Chicago so it's a bit weird leaving again. But we'll be back Sat night...& I'll post pictures from our fantastic weekend!!!

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