Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brooklyn's Best Cookbook Volume 2 Update

I finally got all the recipes proofed & submitted them 3/31...the very last day possible to get the small discount that was available for March. All book prices increase as of 4/1 so I HAD to get them in in March. (I'd mailed the entire book in before we left for Chicago, but the recipes still needed to be proofed online.)

I heard from the company today. They said that they could tell I'd done a book before cause it was all nice & organized! :o)  LOL That's good! I gave them the down payment so now they've officially started on the book. (Unfortunately, even though they had the book a few weeks ago, they couldn't start until they had the recipes as well.)  :(

The ship date as of now is May 19th. But I've never had an experience with them where they meet their ship date...they're always quite a few days before that. So I bet by the first week of May I'll have the books. Anyone want to put a wager on that?! :o)

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