Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our wonderful Easter!!

Christ our Lord is risen today! Alleluia!!!

We had a great Easter today! First off though, here are a few pictures from our egg-dying "event" last night!

Cali with the little wire egg-dipper thingy! ;o)

She was pretty darn excited! LOL

Eating the eggs was Cali's favorite part... She probably ate about 4!

Our finished product!

We got up this AM, showered, & then woke Cali up so she could see what the Easter bunny brought! Here are the girls opening their Easter baskets:

Cali was pretty excited that the Easter bunny came & brought her candy! (As you can see from the blurry picture of Brooklyn...she could care less...she was out of there!!!)

Admiring her Princess Easter basket, courtesy of the Easter bunny

Eating her chocolate bunny 

All ready for church, but she's gotta get in another piece or two!!

After seeing what the Easter bunny brought, we got the girls dressed in their beautiful Easter dresses & headed to church. On the way there I couldn't help but think at how blessed I am. I had to tell Dustin all about it too! At that one moment in time I was the most blessed person on the planet. We had a great morning; we have 2 beautiful girls; they were dressed alike (& couldn't even complain about it yet!); an awesome husband; we were going to church with the best pastor in town (wink); I was going to get to sit with my sister-in-law in church; we were greeting the huge amount of people who were coming to church on Easter; we were going to eat a great brunch before church; & then both of our families were coming over for a great lunch/dinner & Easter egg hunt. What more could a girl want? I got choked up for a second there just reflecting on all that I had. I'm one blessed girl. And here's a blurry family pic to prove it!

After a great Easter service we came back home to do some last minute cooking/cleaning before everyone came over.

We had lots of food & it was oh so good! ;o) Our brother-in-law even got to sneak up for a little bit (he's a police officer & was working all day today). It was a great day with lots of food, dessert, visiting, playing, & an Easter egg hunt. Here's a few more pictures from the festivities:

Popy helping (cousin) Kobe & Cali find eggs with (uncle) Mike looking on

Cali taking a break to eat a piece of candy before she finds more eggs!! ;o)  (I think she's her mother's child!)

Getting pushed by Opa in the swing

Once all the eggs were found we headed back inside for dessert & more candy-eating!

But not before making a snowman first! (My brother Mike & our nephew Kobe)

Brooklyn sneaking in candy. (Notice how much has made it on to her shirt...)

Hahaha & here she is AGAIN sneaking even more candy. Needless to say, it went on top of the fridge after this...

All in was a great day & a great Easter. The girls crashed tonight by 8pm & we're still full from lunch! Here's to hoping you had a blessed Easter too!

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