Friday, April 22, 2011

100!!!!!!!!! #100!!! I've been blogging since July & I'm already at post 100. Maybe it means I post too much though! ;o)

Anyways, I thought there's no better way to celebrate 100 posts than to catch up on a few pictures. So here are some from our last couple weeks.

This is Brooklyn - waaaaay too happy with herself! She's eating with a fork for the first time:

Here she is proud of herself for getting so messy! ;o)

Brooklyn & daddy reading together's so boring

Daddy taking Brooklyn on her first 4-wheeler ride

Ok so apparently Cali thinks eating is boring too!!!

And Cali is also so excited that she's eating with a fork (I'd just taken Brooklyn's picture eating with her fork!)

Cali getting her hair cut

And THIS is what we woke up to this AM. I believe it's finally stopped snowing...just a couple hours shy of snowing for 24 hours straight. UGH... And this picture doesn't really do it justice...there's really a lot more than this shows. Have I mentioned I want to move?! ;)

Thanks so much to you all for being such loyal & faithful readers of our journey called life! We appreciate the kind words, thoughts, prayers, & even smiles. Here's to another 100 posts!!!!!!!!

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