Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh Disneyland...With The Kids!

The girls were ecstatic to go to Disneyland yesterday...& I have to admit, I was super stoked to take them, too! I'm a sucker for the Disney Photo Pass so we used that for both trips. You find a photographer at specific places in the parks, get your pictures taken a few times in several different poses, then they give you a little credit card thing to keep. Then you find another photographer & give them that card, they take your pictures a bunch, scan the card, & give it back to you. At the end of your Disneyland stay, you have a boat-load of awesome pictures on your card! I just LOVE the Photo Pass & I totally drive Dustin nuts cause each time I see a photographer I run to them to get our pictures taken! So most of the pictures are from our Photo Pass. ;)

We tried to do as much as possible, but didn't want to wear them out too much. Here's a recap of our day:

This is our absolute favorite picture of us, taken by the PhotoPass people. I have it on a calendar, mouse pad, & screen savers! :)

Brookie on the bell horse, my favorite one!

Someone got wiped out...

I took Cali potty. When we came out, Daddy & Brookie were gone. This is where we found them! LOL Surprise surprise...Dustin's shooting!

A happy girl on Autopia
On the Winnie the Pooh ride

Thumbs up after an awesome day at The Happiest Place On Earth!

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