Monday, August 20, 2012

Records to Break at Disneyland!

Oh where do I begin?! Let's just say that yesterday's Disneyland trip was monumental. Epic. Amazing. Record-breaking. Slightly tiring. But so much dang fun that we didn't even wake up today until after 11am! Ok I'll start from the beginning...

A couple years ago Dustin & I went to Disneyland & tried to go on as many rides as we could. (If we went on The Matterhorn twice, we would call it 2 rides. Every time we got in a line, got on a ride, & then got off would count as 1.) We got their fairly early & stayed pretty late; & by the end of the day we ended up at 28 rides. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Well that record was all that we could think about. And all we wanted to do was break that record. So when we had an extra day we decided to try it again & go to Disneyland. This time we thought we'd bring along Curt & Kaitlyn to join in the festivities!

So it takes some planning to pull this off!! :o)  I know the place like the back of my hand, so we strategically planned the Fast Passes, parades, fireworks, both parks, & food/potty breaks. I know, I know...kind of crazy, but we were bound & determined to break our record. Disneyland was opened from 8am-midnight so we planned on getting there by 7:30 so we'd be one of the first people in the gates. We left home at 7:20, parked at 7:35, got in the tram & were at the gates by 7:45. And what do you know...but they were already opened! So we got a head start!! :)

We very quickly realized that we would be able to break our record. Even though we were there on a Sunday (a VERY SLOW Sunday, at that) we knew we'd be able to do it once we were at about 15 rides by about 10am! So we decided to take pictures of us holding up the number at each ride, as proof of what rides were which numbers. I won't post all the pictures cause it'd take up too much dang space, but here are a few...

This is our 2nd time on Splash Mountain. :)

Dustin & me on Autopia

The 30-year-old on Ride #30 on the Bell Horse, my favorite horse of all time.

Curt trying to pull the sword.... & a disappointed girlfriend in the background!!

Pirates - #37

CA Screamin - #2

So what was the final number, you might ask?! We didn't just pass our old record of 28...we obliterated our old record of 28! Our final number....take a look for yourself...
Yes, 48 rides! And this isn't even splitting them up, as in Dustin & I going on one while Curt & Kaitlyn went on another. Nope. This is all 4 of us going on 48 rides. We were proud. We still are proud. :o)  LOL
We stopped to go to the bathroom only if we passed by one. We ate a quick lunch around 11:30. But at that time we were already almost at our previous record, so we knew we'd pass it for sure. We didn't go on the rides with long lines, like the submarines. For a Sunday, though, holy cow it was not busy at all. Especially early in the morning & later on in the evening.
And of course, I had to stop at all the PhotoPass photographers I saw...which, by the end of the night, everyone was pretty much cursing me out. But hey, they're super awesome memories. And for the whole year of 2013 I'll have a calendar up in my house & at work with these awesome Disneyland pictures. Here are a few...

We ended up at 48, not 50, because the line for the Rockets was taking a while. We could have made 50 if we'd have gone on Buzz Lightyear's ride 2 more times, but by that time (11:55pm) we were pooped. Literally. We knew we'd be hurting units today, & boy is that an understatement. Dustin's only 31 & I'm just 30 but wow we can tell that we're not in our 20's anymore!

Holy cow though it was an absolutely amazingly awesome Disney day!

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