Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Grand Way to Ring in the New Year

Well what a great way to ring in the New Year...

Dustin & I were in the living room watching football while the girls were playing on the stairs. Playing on the stairs is not an unusual thing for them. They just like being there. They both have been walking up & down the stairs on their own since they could walk so I don't have to be worried about them falling or anything. When the girls are on the stairs we can see them from the living room, so it wasn't like we couldn't see them or anything!

So this particular day we were watching TV & the girls were playing on the stairs. All of a sudden they got quiet. I waited about a minute & then asked Dustin what he thought they were doing. He didn't know so he got up & walked over to the top of the stairs. He immediately got a straight face & said "get over here now" to me. I was thinking "ok do I need to run...are they in immediate danger, or can I slowly walk over there". So I asked Dustin if they'd eaten anything, as I was getting out of the chair. He again said to me "get over here now" with a sense of urgency in his voice. Uh-oh...that's not a good sign. So I ran over to the top of the stairs & looked down.

I immiediately stopped in my tracks & my eyes got wider & wider. "IS THAT BLOOD?!" I said, as I was staring at Brooklyn, her hands, her legs, & the stairs. At the top of the stairs were drops of red on the floor & red smeared all around; the first 4 stairs were literally almost covered in red; Brooklyn didn't have a twinge of white on her hands...they were COVERED with red; and her legs were equally as covered from the tips of her toes to her mid-thighs. I started shaking & literally having an inward panic attack; but I looked at Brooklyn's face & noticed that she was smiling. Then I looked in Dustin's hands.....

He had a jumbo bottle of red food coloring that was completely empty.

WHEW!!! Ok so I could breathe again, but my adrenaline had already kicked into high gear so it took me literally several minutes before I quit shaking again.

Long story short (which includes Dustin being extremely upset, mommy taking the girls to the bath, & Dustin trying his hardest for an hour and a half to clean the stairs)...we ended up putting them down for a nap & now have perma-pink stairs & a perma-pink daughter. See for yourself:

Our perma-pink stairs

And our perma-pink (for now) little Brooklyn. This is after scrubbing & scrubbing in the bath.

So do yourself a favor RIGHT NOW....and go put your food coloring up on the very top shelf of your cabinets with your alcohol. :o)

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