Friday, January 13, 2012

The Latest News

Well Dustin & I toasted right at the stroke of midnight of the New Year "Here's to a surgery-free 2012!"...but unfortunately that won't be the case.

A few days ago I sent Dr. Bauer updated pictures of Brooklyn & he wrote back Wed night saying that she does, in fact, need that last touch up surgery. I thought that would be the case & we have been planning on 5 surgeries since day one. It's unfortunate, but I have to be honest here.....

It's not that I WANT my child to have another surgery. I DID want 2011 to be the only year for surgeries & that's it! I didn't want a surgery in 2012, or any other year for that matter. I don't want to have to spend SO much money on another surgery, deductibles, insurance payments, hospital/doctor/anesthesiologist bills, travel, hotels, food, gas, wear & tear on our car (or a rental car), lost time off work with no pay, difficulty paying bills because of being out of work, time away from home, time away from Cali, and of course the dreaded illness that I ALWAYS get a week before we leave for surgery.


Why NOT have the surgery? If we can make her face even slightly more perfect than it already is, I'm gonna do it. If I can lessen the chance that she'll get teased when she's in school, I'm gonna do it. If we can fix her forehead/eyebrows/scalp up even just a little more, I'm gonna do it. Our thought is this: we've come THIS far with 4 surgeries, 3 expanders, TONS of injections, 4 trips to Chicago, 4 stays in a hotel, etc, etc.....WHY STOP SHORT??? If our miracle-worker, Dr. Bauer, thinks she needs another surgery, he is who we will listen to. He is the expert. He is the one who has been doing this for years. He is the one I trust. So we do the surgery. Simple as that.

He did say that we'll still have our consult in July at the Nevus Outreach conference & then we'll do surgery in the Fall. Our only problem with that is that our schedule is so booked this summer/fall. If we do the surgery in September then I'll be gone every month from July through October & Dustin will be gone July through September. The beginning of October is fine but that will put me gone the entire month of October, with my trip in the middle/end of the month for my best friend's wedding. November is our first choice, right before Thanksgiving cause we'd both miss less work. But the Moller's (awesome AZ friends) will be there the first part of December & I've always wanted to see Chicago at Christmastime. So as of now, November 16 or December 6 are our choices. December is nearly impossible for Dustin to get off work with all the Christmas mail, so we'll have to talk it over & see. Not like we need to decide right now...this IS 11 months away!

So with that said...5 surgeries is it. If you haven't gotten your Volume 2 of Brooklyn's Best yet, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT! :o)  Please keep us &, of course, Dr. Bauer in your prayers this year.


  1. Love knowing how to pray. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  2. You are so right in your reasoning! Praying the last surgery goes great - from the timing of it to what it accomplishes.