Friday, January 6, 2012

A Year Ago Today...

A Year Ago Today...

...our nevus journey began. One year ago today Brooklyn had her very first surgery. WOW! To think back on this past year is just crazy. Travel to/from Chicago by car 3 times, travel to/from Chicago by plane once, FOUR surgeries, countless recovery days, a miracle-worker surgeon, sightseeing, dressing changes, meeting new people, pain medication, antibiotics, wonderful staff at the StayBridge in Lincolnshire, feeling like home in the hotel even though we were thousands of miles away, four bouts of the cold/flu for me (one for each trip, of course), a two (turned three) year old who didn't like what was going on, a dramatic time with major attitude adjustments for both girls -- but mainly Cali, a fantastic staff at NorthShore University Health Systems -- including both the hospital AND Dr. Bauer's staff, countless movie-watching both in the hotel & in the hospital waiting for Brooklyn to wake up so we could take her "home", swimming with Cali at the hotel, awesome Chicago pizza, amazing nevus families, pizza parties, get-togethers, family bonding, picture-taking, blogging....

but most importantly......  A 1-year-old who consistently amazes us at how wonderful, tough, strong, resilient, & amazing she is at all she's been thorough this past year.



After (taken today):

This girl is truely our hero.

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