Friday, July 29, 2011


Brooklyn started getting sick with a small cold in her eyes on Saturday, July 23rd. I wasn't worried at all cause we had a week before we were leaving & 2 weeks & 2 days before her surgery. I KNEW she'd be better by then. Days went by & she still had it, but she didn't have anything else...JUST the goopy eyes. Poor little thing...

This is a pretty bad picture but you can see how horrible she looks, even though she's smiling for the camera!!!

We had her pre-op physical on Wednesday & guess what...I woke up sick. The little buggar gave me whatever she had. This, in turn, went right back to her & it moved from her eyes to the whole rest of her body...UGH! She also had an ear infection at her pre-op physical that I didn't even suspect! So great... Well at least she was put on antibiotics in hopes of clearing EVERYTHING up.

But as of now, the night before we leave, she's sick and she's not getting any better. Me, on the other hand... I missed my last 2 days of work because I'm so sick. I can barely sit up & type this without keeling over. I feel absolutely horrible. This is the sickest I've been in a very long time. I felt sooooo bad about missing work but seriously I looked like hell...(I know cause Dustin told me) & I felt even worse. I didn't get out of bed even ONCE until 8:30PM yesterday. Today I HAD to do homework so I forced myself to get up & do that. So why not write a blog post while I'm at it?! I had to pack too for our entire trip, which I hadn't even started on until today. What better way to spend a day sicker than a dog at home?!

Here's to a fun 3 day driving trip...

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