Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Vance Annual 4th of July Bash!


Every year, rain or shine, we have our Vance Annual 4th of July Bash. We've been doing this since we were married so it's really just a given that it'll happen every year. People don't even call us anymore to find out if it's happening, they just show up. Every year on July 5th Dustin starts planning for next year's 4th of July party. Seriously...sometimes I think he likes the 4th of July more than he likes me! ;o) 

Anyways, serious planning, cooking, firework-buying, & lots of thought goes in to every party we have. Some years we have friends come from out of town, other years we have family come from out of town, but every year we have our friends that live here & our parents/siblings come & it's just a grand ole time! :o)

This year, however, was a first for us. This year since the 4th of July was on a Monday, everyone had to work on Tuesday (except Dustin & I, of course....I have Tues/Wed off, & this last week was Dustin's turn to have a Tuesday off) so everyone ELSE had to work that next day. No one really wanted to stay up late doing fireworks just to have to get up early & go to work. So we did something for the first time...we had our party on Sunday, the day before the 4th. It actually worked out quite well. We had all day to plan, cook, bake, & set up...oh & get some "last minute" fireworks, of course. Then no one had to be at work the next day...so it all turned out great.

Here's our fireworks display...

Dustin & Cali with all the fireworks, including her 2 Princess ones...(She was quite proud of those!)

Food table, tents, & people

Dustin talking over some strategy with the kids

Dustin & his friend, Jake, High 5-ing with their morning-after mess!!!

So needless to say...it was another successful 4th of July party. My mom & brother were out of town but got back super late on the 3rd so we had another little mini-4th of July party on the actual day. We used up all the left-over fireworks, left-over food, & made another huge mess. But it was all worth it! :o)

Here's one last picture of how "intense" Dustin is... This is what he uses to light his fireworks with.....
Yes, folks, that's a blow torch. End of story!

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