Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Long Time No See!!! (Catching Up)

WOW!!! It's been FOREVER since I've posted here. I'm so sorry... I guess originally I thought this would just be a "Brooklyn's Surgery" blog, but in the past few months I've wanted to write about our entire family & what we're doing. But then I've been just so busy that I don't know where time has gone! For instance, we leave in less than 3 weeks for surgery #3 of 5 in this whole Nevus-Removal Process!! Yes...LESS THAN 3 WEEKS. This 4 month break has literally flown by...I can't believe it!

So to spare you with an INCREDIBLY long post of all that we've been up to since the last post I'm just going to do separate posts with each "activity" we've done! :o) Yes...You're welcome! 

(FYI: Each post will be dated on the date that I SHOULD have done they'll likely be BELOW this just scroll down, & down, & down....)

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