Monday, August 23, 2010

Secret Exciting News!!

Well I'm in the thick of typing recipes....STILL! The cookbook needs to be submitted by Tues, 8/31/10...which is just a week from tomorrow....AGH! I do have some exciting news...but I can't say anything yet!
I had a bit of a dilemma last night when I was typing in recipes. I was up to 557 recipes and I still had a HUGE stack to go...PLUS some in my email account. I counted up all that I had left to type & it was 365 more (NOT including the ones in my email)...that totals about 1000 recipes. I had 2 feelings: 1) overjoyed at how much love & support we have. I had so many people send me recipes that I just can't thank them all enough. But...2) I was sooo discouraged. That's too big of a cookbook. I called the cookbook company this morning & asked them if there was a limit. No, there's not...but a book of 1000 is not going to go over well, she said. I was told that I need to subtract at least 300 in order for it to be a "good" cookbook. She said that if there's 1000 recipes, it won't be easy to navigate through the book and people won't WANT to look through that big of a cookbook. So basically I have to lower the number of recipes to the absolute MOST. This is so sad for me because I promised everyone that gave me recipes...I said that if they gave me recipes, they'd go in the book. So now what? I could keep the book at 1000 recipes. But then I'd have to pay at least $3.00 more per book. Or cut it down to 700? What do I do?!
Well I've literally spent ALL day thinking it over and I DO have a plan. I can't say anything yet...but it's VERY exciting. Dustin actually said "YOU'RE A GENIOUS!" when I told him my plan. I'll "unveil" the plan stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)

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