Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dustin's Albertsons Experience

Well today I wrote a letter! Haha! Ok let me explain...we started running low on formula so I sent Dustin to the store to get some. He came home with a little tiny can of it, instead of the big one that we usually get. This is what happened:
He went to get just 1 container but there was a girl in the aisle who literally put 20 of the exact same kind that we use in her cart. Dustin went to grab just 1 but she'd taken every last one of them! She saw that Dustin wanted that particular kind but she just walked off with her cart-full of that formula. So he had to get a super small can of it that was way more per ounce.
I wasn't mad...because it's just life. People need formula. But I was VERY frusturated. NO ONE needs 20 containers of it! Yes, I can totally see stocking up on it...and having like 4, or even 6 maybe.....but 20?!?! I felt sooo strongly about this & I really feel like there should be a limit to how many things of formula a single person can buy. Is this just me?
So I felt so strongly about this that I wrote a letter...a very well written letter, I might add (Thanks to know who you are!) I don't ever write letters. I may feel strongly about something but I'm not the kind that writes letters just to write letters! This, for some reason, just got to me. I'm not expecting to hear back, but we'll see. I'd just like it if there was a limit, that's all.

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