Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'M DONE!!!!.....(well for round 1, that is!)

It's official....I'm DONE with the cookbook! :o)  I got the email yesterday that they recieved my packet of stuff. And then today at about 1:15pm I hit "SUBMIT" & sent my recipes to them! What a relief. Tonight was the first night that I didn't have anything to do...it was SO weird!
But today I did have school to do. School started for me yesterday. This is the first week of my LAST SEMESTER of school...yay!!!!!!!! Just 3 1/2 months from now & I'll have my BSN & be done with school forever. :o)
On another note, I got a letter back from Albertsons today. First off, I was shocked to even get a letter. But then...he put a gift card in there too. Just enough for a container of formula...how awesome. (Now let's just hope they have the formula when I go in next to get it!).....If you're wondering what this is about...check out the post titled: Dustin's Albertsons Experience.
I'll keep everyone posted on the cookbooks & when they'll be done. Next project: 1) planning the first Chicago trip & 2) working on the benefit dinner.

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