Friday, July 2, 2010

Yahoo! Support Group

I was added to the Yahoo! Nevus Outreach Inc Support Group. What a God-send this group is! I've "met" so many wonderful people. A lot of them are moms who are in the same boat I'm in. I've gotten a lot of ideas, asked questions, answered questions, told our story, listened to other's stories, etc etc!!! It's amazing. I've met some people that are going to the conference as well, so I'm looking forward to meeting them in person. One lady in particular is also going solo to the conference. I got the idea of this blog from her. She also did a cookbook as a fundraiser for all of her trips to Chicago, as she is also using Dr. Bauer for her son's nevus. I loved the cookbook idea so we're going to be doing the same thing! Don't be shocked when I hit you all up for a recipe for Brooke's cookbook! ;o) I've also thought about contacting the Children's Miracle Network or doing the Little Caesars Pizza kit fundraiser. Cookbook is #1 though right now! Send me your recipes to: and you'll be published! ;o)

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