Friday, July 16, 2010

Cookbook Sales - FYI!

FYI: You can begin pre-ordering your cookbook at anytime.
If you'd like to do this simply send a check to: The Brooklyn Vance Fund c/o Merilee Vance, 247 Ponderosa Lane, Lewistown, MT 59457. Make the check out to Brooklyn Vance Fund. If you'd like to wait that's fine too. Once I get it set up there will be a link on this Blog taking you to the order page. If you'd like to pre-order I'll send the book to you once it's done.

Also - I have gift certificates available for the cookbooks...what a great Christmas present! ;o)  You can also get these at anytime!

Cookbooks cost $20/each and are $5 total for shipping. If you live in or around Lewistown, MT the cost is just the $20, but if I need to ship it to you simply add $5!

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