Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exciting News - WE HAVE A DATE!

Well the day that I never thought would come is is the day we found out when Brooklyn's surgeries will be. It's a little bitter sweet...partly because it's so real now. There's a date set and we know she'll be having the surgeries for sure now. But also partly because it's kind of exciting to know that it's actually going to happen. It's a little ways out there...January 6, 2011. But that'll give us time to get her flu shots in and time to enjoy the holidays without having to worry about expanders or surgeries or anything!
So the first surgery (where they'll insert both tissue expanders) will be January 6, 2011. The second surgery (which is the first nevus removal surgery) will be March 24, 2011 - exactly 11 weeks later.
The best part about this is that we'll be in Chicago when our new friends (the 2 families I met at the Nevus Outreach conference) will be there too! It's only been like 3 weeks since I've seen them, but I'm so excited to catch up...and excited for Brooklyn to meet Sully & Joshua. AND...Joshua's first removal surgery will ALSO be on March 24th! So Brooklyn & Joshua will get to hang out twice!
We're driving the first trip so we'll probably have to leave here on Jan 1, 2011 because she'll have her MRI on the 4th; then the pre-op appt on the 5th; and the surgery on the 6th.
So just 5 months and some days before her first surgery. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. Merilee you and your family are always in my prayers. I will pray specifically for successful surgeries, fast healing and calm, clear thoughts as you continue on this journey for Brooklyn. Take care and know that you and yours have a strong support network.
    Jody Biesheuvel